Outdoor Living: 3 Things To Improve Your Property For Spring

Transform your outdoor living space with a new or refreshed deck. A deck provides additional living space and increases home value. If your current deck is looking aged, it may only need the top decking replaced, as the protected underlying structure is likely to be in fairly good shape. With various decking materials available, such as pressure-treated wood, cedar, and composites, your deck will remain a focal point for years to come. A deck refresh is also an excellent opportunity to update or expand the floor plan and/or add electrical outlets, integrated LED lighting, a shade feature or even an outdoor kitchen.

Low voltage lighting adds terrific ambiance! It also helps with security, safety, curb appeal and adds value to your property. With LED technology, you get the perfect balance of aesthetics and efficiency. It’s a solid Investment as a quality installation will last many years. You might start with a few lights and easily add fixtures in the future.

By delivering the right amount of water to the right areas, an irrigation/sprinkler system promotes lush, healthy landscapes while conserving water. These systems can be connected to internet weather and pause operation due to rain, or increase coverage due to drought. Micro-irrigation options are perfect for deck planters or tight areas that need controlled water. Ensure every bloom receives the hydration it needs!

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