Garden Creation

Seasonal Planting

Whether you are looking for a garden planted with annual flowers, perennial flowers, or a combination of the two, we can provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Our team will cultivate and maintain your garden beds to make sure your garden and plants look exceptional throughout the whole season.

Custom Planters

Are you wondering how you can improve your home’s curb appeal? Our gardening specialists can design and create custom seasonal planters for the front of your house.

Each creative arrangement is designed, planted, and delivered by our team to your property to ensure the collection of flowers are matched to the current season. After each season, the flowers can be removed and planted into your garden, allowing you to enjoy them year-round.

Garden Consultation

Have you recently purchased a house and are not exactly sure what is in your garden? Our specialists will come meet you at your property and assist with the following:

  • Perform a walkthrough of the garden
  • Help you identify plants
  • Explain correct plant locations
  • Provide you with pruning techniques, timing, and guidance for remedial actions
  • And more

Book a garden consultation with our team today to get started.

Garden Maintenance

Mulching & Fertilizing

Besides from aesthetic appeal, mulching has various benefits to your garden including weed control, nutrient and water retention, and improving the fertility and health of your soil. To enhance the overall appeal of your garden, we match the mulch to the rest of your property and garden design.

As a full-service professional landscaping and gardening company, we understand the importance and critical value of regularly fertilizing your garden. Our team is equipped with fertilizers that are specific to your garden and will help it remain healthy and beautiful.


When done correctly, pruning allows your plants, trees, and shrubs to grow healthily and look exceptional. Without regular pruning and plant maintenance, your garden runs the risk of not growing to its full potential.

We proudly maintain many attractive properties in the Toronto area and pruning is one of the steps to ensure this occurs. Our horticulture and gardening specialists will prune your plants, trees, and shrubs at the right time and with the correct techniques to allow your garden to prosper.

We will also safely divide and replant your plants, resulting in healthier and tidier garden beds.

Pest & Weed Control

Living in a major city like Toronto, it is common to have your garden infiltrated by pests and weeds. Keeping your weeds and pests under control in your garden is highly beneficial to the overall beauty and health of your property. 

As part of our gardening services, Wildrose Gardening will implement a pest and weed control plan to remove weeds on your property, prevent insect infestations on your plants, and install pest traps if necessary.

Do you need gardening services for your home or business in Toronto?