Lawn Care Services

Aerating & Fertilizing

As a full-service professional landscaping company, we understand the importance and value of regularly aerating and fertilizing your property. Properties that are not aerated or fertilized will run the risk of looking dry, sparse and unable to produce flowers, plants or trees.

The technicians at Wildrose are equipped with top of the line equipment to allow for efficient and effective lawn aeration. As each house is different, your soil is most likely different as well. That is why our team will aerate your property based on the type of soil and overall condition of your property.

Lawn Cutting

Part of our full-service property maintenance is providing lawn cutting and cleanup. Lawn cutting is a perfect finishing touch to your property maintenance package (included for both residential and commercial yards).

Pest & Weed Control

Living in a major city like Toronto, it is common to have your garden infiltrated by pests and weeds. Keeping your weeds and pests under control is highly beneficial to the overall beauty and health of your property. 

As part of our lawn care services, Wildrose Gardening will implement a pest and weed control plan to remove any weeds on your property, prevent insect infestations on your yard, and install pest traps if necessary.

General Maintenance

Garden Care

Whether you are looking for a simple, modern, classic, raised, rock, flower, or brick garden edge, our team has you covered. A garden edge provides your yard with a clean and professional aesthetic that will enhance your curb appeal and the overall health of your garden.

Reach out to our gardening specialists and we will work with you to safely remove those weeds, while maintaining the health of the other plants in your garden.

Eavestrough Cleaning

As part of our full-service property maintenance, our team will come to your property and clean out your eavestroughs while maintaining their structural integrity and creating smooth water flow.

Clogged eavestroughs pose a risk to your home or business, as they can overflow onto the buildings foundation resulting in damage to your walls and the overall structure.

Seasonal and Storm

A critical step to a healthy and beautiful property is ensuring that fallen leaves and dead plants are properly removed. To maintain the aesthetic appeal and the health of your yard, it is recommended to do a thorough clean-up of your yard prior to each season.

Leaves that stay on your property during winter may suffocate your lawn, resulting in unhealthy or yellowing patches. As a full-service property maintenance company, we will ensure your garden is prepared for all seasons.

A passing storm has the ability to rip out your plants, shrubs, and trees. Our team can also help clean up your property after a windstorm, ice storm, or other severe weather events.

Does your property need regular maintenance?