June/July Newsletter

June/July 2022 Newsletter

Boxwood Tree Moths & Gypsy Moths Alert!


The Boxwood Tree Moth is particularly active right now. This pest is extremely destructive and if not treated, can destroy your boxwoods in a 2 to 3 week period. You may notice a green caterpillar on your boxwoods that will eventually morph into the moth. Our supervisors and crew always inspect your plants, and if we notice any infestation, we will notify you immediately to take the right course of action. We highly recommend spraying with BTK to protect your investment. The Gypsy Moth (another destructive) pest is now active as well. They attack many species of trees including beech and oak. Contact us if you suspect your boxwoods or trees are infected.

For more information, please visit: https://horttrades.com/box-tree-moth-a-new-plant-pest-in-etobicoke


Keep Your Plants Happy In This Heat

We’re finally getting some great weather in Toronto and the GTA, however, just like us, plants, particularly annuals, need to stay well hydrated in this heat! Remember to water your plants daily, making sure the soil is well saturated. If you are going away, have someone water your plants!

Call us if you have any questions regarding watering frequency and amounts.


Lawn and Garden Maintenance

It’s not too late to have your property looking its best all season long! We offer comprehensive Lawn and Gardening Maintenance until the late Fall. Please contact us to arrange for a free quote!

Still struggling to get to your Spring Cleanup? Great news, you still have time! With this cold weather, the perennials have been slower coming out- less chance to damage them while working in the garden. Need help? Contact us to schedule your Spring Cleanup!

For Property Maintenance or a Spring Cleanup, Call Us Today!
(416) 792-5509



When is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials? NOW!!! Cool temperatures and lots of rain make it ideal for planting. It allows roots to get established before the onset of the hot Summer.
Season Urn Arrangements

Add a splash of colour to your front steps or terrace this spring! We offer customized seasonal urns. Let us help in choosing the right plants and colour scheme for you!


Landscaping & Aeration

Is your lawn heavily compacted? Need help reducing the stress? We are your compacting, stress-reducing specialists! Contact us to arrange to have your lawn core aerated.



Irrigation Start Up


As you are getting ready for the season, so should your soil and current plants. Get your irrigation started this month, as to avoid any dryness in June, when the hot weather begins. If you are unsure as to how to do this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Mulch Gardens


This month is all about getting our gardens back to shape for the season. One of the procedures we recommend after a rough winter is mulching. Mulching not only makes your beds look great, but it adds valuable organic matter to your soil. This is usually done in the Spring, Fall or after a new planting. At Wildrose Gardening, we only use organic mulch. Choose from brown, black or natural cedar. Let us know which colour mulch you prefer!


This Month’s Recipe:

This month’s recipe is sure to please even the pickiest eater! The recipe can be found at www.bonappetit.com.

Suggested wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc. Click here to see this month’s recipe.


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