James IrwinFounder and President

biopic-james-150James founded Wildrose Gardening in 1983, working as a solo operator.   His complete love of the horticultural business and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to build the business to Wildrose’s top standing in the crowded Toronto landscaping industry.  He has a Certificate in Landscape Design from Ryerson University.  Contact James to get a quote, or schedule a consultation.   [email protected]


Yasmin Zane, Sales Manager

biopic-yas-150Yasmin Zane began her gardening career 15 years ago in the Toronto area. Imbued with a love for the outdoors and green spaces, Yasmin has honed her craft by creating and maintaining many gardens from single family homes, Cooperatives, luxury homes and condominiums. Yasmin believes strongly in the revitalization of our gardens and the importance they have in the quality of our lives.  She attended school for both business and Landscape management.

Today Yasmin works diligently for Wildrose Gardening, by selling the importance of great design and superb craftsmanship. She can provide an estimate on an existing or proposed design, updates to your property, ideas, suggested plant material and more. [email protected]

Rob Reid, Marketing & Communications 

biopic-rob-150Rob’s interests are many with regards to landscaping, most on the ‘hardscaping’ side. He has a great interest in demonstrating how lighting can really enhance your property, as well as the benefits of a simple automated irrigation solution.  He takes care of all of our online properties and social media efforts. Email Rob regarding any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this site, or any of our marketing materials.  [email protected]