Canada Blooms

Canada Blooms is an awesome annual show that will get you in the mood for gardening!  Wildrose staff attend yearly to get new ideas for our clients. It takes place alongside the National Home Show, March 10-19 at the Enercare Centre.

Some of the world’s top designers, architects and garden builders create fabulous projects there. You will be truly inspired.

The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms brings the finest amateur floral designers together for horticultural and design competitions and display. Led by the Garden Club of Toronto, the Toronto Flower Show is a signature of the festival and can’t be missed. The Floral Designs presented by Floral Artists showcase the best of the best in professional florists from Ontario.

And… Canada Blooms offers education opportunities led by leading gardening experts.

Hope to see you there!

Early Spring Lawn Care

This article is derived from an article on, a website dedicated to, well, lawn care.

Another spring and another chance to get the fabulous looking lawn we desire. Sometimes it seems as the more we try, the less we are happy with the result. This is likely not because we do the wrong things, but because we did the right things at the wrong time.

We need to keep in mind that lawn maintenance is not a one time effort, it is a spring/summer/fall effort.  This article is about the work to do in the spring. Spring in our neck of the woods means to start when the snow season is over where you live. (I.e., when there won’t likely be any more snow.)


If you raked in the fall, the raking in the spring will be easier. It’s intended to refresh the lawn from the winter compaction, control any thatch buildup, and help identify any problem areas of the lawn such as heavy traffic areas. Compaction from heavy traffic will cause roots not to take hold very well. Consider an aeration of the lawn if you have a lot of compaction.

Overseed, Not Overfeed

If you intend to overseed your lawn to repair bare spots, you should do so with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

You will have better results if you have fertilized and overseeded in the fall, as there will be less competition between weeds and grass.

About five weeks after overseeding, add a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer to really help the new grass get going.

Keep in mind that when you fertilize, you are also fertilizing weeds, so heavier fertilizing in the fall is better.


Your best bet for getting rid of the weeds in the lawn itself is fall aeration, fall seeding and spring overseeding.  While there are products that claim to only kill the weeds, it’s a somewhat exaggerated claims and many people dislike the idea of overuse of chemicals.

Pulling weeds can be effective, but you do need to pull the entire root. This can be laborious, and often needs to be done several times over the growing season. Weeds grow quickly and one day of weeding simply won’t be enough to keep them at bay.

We would be happy of course to provide a free estimate on maintaining your lawn and overall property.

See the full article, here.

Get Excited About Spring!

Freshome is a very popular architecture and design blog. In a recent article, the author has some suggestions to think about before the season hits.

Take inventory of your garden furniture

This is a great idea, as sometimes you may overlook items you already have or think about something in a totally new way. Think about anything that needs to be repaired, as now will be cheaper and faster.

Build a fire pit or other structure

If you are considering this, and you are considering a contractor (like us!) to do so, better to contact them sooner than later. Early spring is a crazy busy time for contractors. Conclude the deal and the start date now, rather than later.

Create more shade

With the ever-increasing damage from overexposure to sun, there are more options than a simple umbrella. Shade sails are very popular now and can be installed for a very custom fit in your outdoor spaces.


You enjoy your outdoors after work and at night. Light it up! We love installing lighting, but your can do a lot yourself if that’s your preference. String lights are popular. LED lighting has literally transformed the whole experience – cheaper to run, cool to the touch, different colour spectrums (warm to cool).

Hang outdoor curtains

Love this idea! Practical, inexpensive, flexible, and easy to take down.

Create some zen

Ohmmmmmmmm… LOL. You need to unwind at the end of the day. A water feature is very relaxing, wind chimes sound soft and beautiful. (However, if you feed birds, chimes may scare them off.)  If privacy is paramount and a fence isn’t in the budget, try privacy walls of natural plant material.


We’re happy to help and provide a free estimate on your requirements.  You can read the full article from Freshome, here.

2017 Gardening Trends

From Garden Design magazine, this article queried several landscape designers on their thoughts on current trends in gardening and landscaping. Some key takeaways include:

  • using indoor colour blocking techniques in outdoor spaces (and why not, your outdoor space is often an extension of the indoor space)
  • using more locally sourced plants and materials, as the ever-increasing awareness of our impact on the environment causes us to make better choices
  • the traditional lawn is still a staple of the urban property, but other options such as faux grass, and low maintenance / low height plant materials are being installed more often, particularly in smaller spaces
  • defined active spaces, such as a bocce ball court, fireplace seating, or a kids play area create areas where people don’t have to weed or maintain the area
  • micro irrigation is easy to install and uses very little water

Read the full article here.