Watering Guide

When First Planting

Water plants as soon as you get them in the ground or in a planter. Allow the water to soak in, then water again until the soil is thoroughly moistened. For the first two weeks or so, water plants daily depending on the weather. If it rains, you can skip a watering. Just-planted roots are only able to absorb soil moisture from the potting soil. They have not attached to their surrounding soil. When you see new growth, the plants have begun to get established.

For the first month or so, unless the weather is extremely hot and dry, you may be able to decrease watering frequency to two or three times per week. Generally, you want the soil to be dry an inch or two below the surface before you water. Too much water leads to foliar and root problems. You should allow the soil near the top to dry between watering because this encourages roots to grow deep.

For the following months, water only when top inch or two of soil dries or when plants display signs of being dry. Water deeply and less frequently. This will grow plants whose roots are deeper and healthier, so they are more resilient to drier conditions and stress.

How much water will depend on a few things, such as your soil and environmental conditions. Don’t forget to check your plants during the winter months. Generally, it takes plants at least two years to fully develop a sustaining root system.

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