Hiring a Landscape Contractor

One of the most important aspects of a landscape project is the people who will be doing work on your property. You need the assurance that you are getting the best value for your money. The first thing is an estimate with the scope of the project clearly defined, the cost of labour, and the choice of materials discussed.

Some other points to consider:

  • Make sure your landscape professional has proof of WSIB insurance. This protects you in the event a worker has an accident. Without it, your home and/or assets could be at risk if someone is injured on your project.
  • The contractor should also carry an insurance policy that has a general liability aggregate limit of a minimum $1,000,000. This protects your property should something happen to damage it. If your Landscape Contractor does not have this insurance, you could be held liable for any accidents that happen during your project; hospital costs, law suits, etc. Insurance claims could be filed against the property owner, producing significant risks to your assets.
  • Is the company willing to give a warranty on materials and workmanship?
  • Regarding expertise and experience, ask for examples of previous work similar to your project. Can they provide references of past clients and professionals that they have worked with?
  • How long a company has been in business can give you a glimpse into the reputation the company has built over the years.

Landscape Ontario has handy contractor rating checklist on selecting a professional landscape contractor.