Landscaping Trends for 2013

The winter is a great time to step back from the day-to-day operations of Wildrose and consider others’ thoughts and opinions on what the key trends are for the next season.

Jane Kennedy, writing in her blog, suggests a few trends, such as straight borders that compliment the structure of the home, edible gardens (eat what you grow!), and homeowners considering their backyard space a true extension of their indoor living space.

Landscape Ontario summarized its latest trade show / conference with these notes on the 2013 season. Advances in stone products are creating excitement for both their looks and their long lasting appeal. Sheridan’s Nurseries are celebrating their 100th year in business, and they gave a nod toward Landscape Ontario’s 40th anniversary with their 40 Shades of Green palette, available in the Spring to contractors and garden centres.

We’ve seen interest in permeable pavers and Better Homes and Gardens includes them in their 2013 Trends article. And you can learn more about them at the Unilock website.

This isn’t a trend per se, but I thought this Utne Reader excerpt titled How Gardening Can Feed the Soul from Margaret Roach’s “The Backyard Parables” was interesting.